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18th Nov, 2003
First off, if you want to e-mail me do so here or you can just go to the guestbook. Sorry about that, I only just realised that people may actually want to contact me, so I'm providing the means. Even if you just want to tell me I should give this all up, leave a message (I know there are people reading this...I check my site usage. Yes, I'm trying to guilt you into sending me feedback. That's how much I need it.)
If you've been keeping a regular eye on this (already? I should reward you - tell me so I can!) you'll have noticed a sudden change, very slightly for the better. All my WYSIWYG HTML editors are down at the moment, so I have to try and re-teach myself HTML by ripping apart my other pages. It's a mess under the surface layer you're looking at...Hopefully the stuff page will work now, I knew it was broken almost as soon as I uploaded it originally, but couldn't find the problem. Hope I've got it now.
So yeah, if you missed all that - some updates, send me some feedback, let me know if you like it so far. And spread the word, make me popular!
This is the last image I have prepared for the moment and may be sitting here for a while as I get my updates in order. This is Anton, the freak. This cheese is very special to us. When I was at schoolies (the week after you graduate in highschool where you go and get monstrously drunk with few thousand other teens) I spotted an eight pound circular cheese in the supermarket. I wanted that cheese, but had little money. When I tried to convince others to join me in my cheese adventure, they just shook their heads and said "No, Joe". They knew me pretty well. So I never got the cheese, but I went and looked at it briefly at least once a day. But I never touched it. Which I regret! It's like one of those stories - "I loved her, but never told her and now she's dead!" only with cheese. And no love. Maybe.
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