The characters


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Incitatus Black, or just Inc, is the protaganist and my alter ego. Inc is intelligent, talented and excessively stupid. Which is bad, cos Inc likes weapons, computers anything that involves the words "not right", "party" and "over 10,000 V at 300 A". Inc's favourite food is cold margherita pizza.
Eth Ess is Inc's long suffering friend. I don't know why she hangs out with Inc...They also work together. Eth plays guitar and sings when she's not shopping or plotting to take over the world. Eth will feature in her own offshoots, usually with a more serious tone.
Katil (Kat) is one of Inc's three flatmates, a first year psychology student. Kat justifies living with Inc by saying that it's good research. Kat is rarely surprised by anything that happens, unless it involves toilet seats, like all properly neurotic women...
Detyk is an alligator from Canada, a true gamer and tech head. He insists everyone call him John for political and/or tax reasons, depending on the season.
George was the previous occupant of the house Inc and his flatmates live in. George is a five foot cockroach, a strange side effect of the house's previous owner indulging in hallucinogenics and stale fast food.
J is one of Inc's best friends, a mute drummer. We don't really know much about J other than the drum thing. And an uncanny ability to access pizza at all times.
Frith is the biggest and most sensible of Inc's friends, but won't shun the fun. Frith is accident prone, but won't die.