STuff is a littLe unorgan/sed right now...still - here's a ph0to, hwres a background, here's a program and here's a MIDI.
UPDATE - I promise to fix all this soon, I've done a little, but just made a bigger mess. I'll rehaul it completely on the next site update.
-It's official

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Mr T pities the foo' - With gum!
This picture is probably copyright to someone, somewhere and is used without permission
THE PHOTO This is me, but you can't see my face
THE BACKGROUND Eth, the snake in this pic, will feature in Foon quite often, but more in the serious comics.
THE PROGRAM (31.9 Kb) Something pointless. I wrote a program in Qbasic to draw a very basic fractal, then wondered what it sounded like. This program let me know...The program isn't great, I knocked it together in only a few minutes, it crashes every now and then, only if you put the wrong values from my experience.
THE MIDI I mainly do mp3 techno songs in Fruity Loops (cos it's so damn easy!) but I jump back to Cakewalk a lot, to prepare for the day I can have a full orchestra, choir and rock band on hand by writing songs and tunes...This is a slow piece for choir and piano. No words as yet.