This will be a little spartan until I put some stuff in. Wait, that's stupidly recursive let me rephrase...meh, stuff it. Too tired.
Inc B's Artness My main page, where I hold all my artwork and stories
Kelly's Scrawl A page of a friend, holds some excellent stories, written less as 'stories' and more as small episodes from the life of a character - hopefully, I'll be putting these in comic form as a once a month thing. Plus some poetry and some stand alone short stories, also very good.

Other stuff Read the history of the site - it's the only thing there, it's barely 20 lines long and it puts my faith back in the human race.
Dr Math I'm an incurable techhead, but despite my love of all science, I just can't get a hold on physics and math...Doesn't stop me being annoyingly interested in them however. Dr Math is a god-like Math resource (Hey, Math can be Fun! *urk, I'm gonna bury my head*)


-It's official

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